Although I identify myself, politically, as a republican, Sarah Palin is not my favorite politician. I think she is a nice, down to earth, easy going woman, but I just couldn’t see her being president and whatnot. However, her daughter, Bristol Palin, is a completely different story. I really admire Bristol Palin. Now, why would I, a teenager, look up to someone who had a baby at seventeen? Well for starters, Bristol Palin has raised a beautiful baby boy without a father. In my opinion, every child needs a father figure that is somewhat consistent in his visits (such as one weekend a month) rather than popping in and out of his or her life once or twice a year. But Levi Johnston has not been there for his son, Tripp. He has told obvious, disgusting lies about the Palin family that even most liberals find ridiculous. But even after all of that turmoil, Bristol still reaches out to Levi. The question is, why isn’t Levi reaching out to her? Every now and then she’ll leave him a voicemail (as he does not answer her phone calls) or a text message telling him to meet her and Tripp somewhere at a set date and time. Predictably, Levi fails to show up to almost all of these meetings. If I were Bristol, I would hate Levi for what he has done to my family. But I am not Bristol. She wants Tripp to have not just a father, but a dad. She knows as well as I do that there needs to be someone else, besides herself, raising Tripp (preferably his biological father). She really tries as a mother. She really tries… But in my mind, she has already succeeded. Aside from being a single mother, Bristol has to deal with the death threats she and her family receives every single day. People go up to her and tell her her mother’s the devil and such. If someone said something terrible about my mother, I would slap them across the face. Hard. And then run off and cry. But Bristol is better than that. Instead she holds herself together, asks the person to give them one example of why he or she hates her mother, and calmly tells them that they don’t know what they’re talking about when they fail to do so (which is often). Bristol also wrote a book. She has worked with the Candie’s Foundation. She worked for a charity that helps homeless children. This girl is going somewhere. Yes, her family does provide her with money. Yes, they help her with raising Tripp. She has many privileges yet so few ways to actually utilize them. She’s Bristol Palin for crying out loud! Do you personally know anyone who loves and fully supports this girl? I don’t… But I am that one person. And no, she is not a “fame whore,” because if she was, she would be living in LA or New York. But instead she is in Alaska because that’s where she feels Tripp needs to be raised. If you are someone who sends her death threats or despises her greatly, imagine you are in her shoes. You are a single mother living in a small town in Alaska. Your mom is one of the most hated women in politics. And your receiving thousands of death threats a day. Would you be happy if that were your life? Think about that next time you send her a threatening message. Alas it is right to say, good for you, Bristol. Good for you. 
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    Could not of said it better than that, amen.
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    I just think Bristol Palin is beyond beautiful. That’s all I have to say.
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    The whole controversy regarding Bristol Palin pisses me off anyways, because there shouldn’t even be one. She can’t help...
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